Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rained out in Yountville, CA

Yesterday I participated in the annual Taste of Yountville festival in beautiful Napa Valley.  No, the day didn't look like this photo (courtesy Mars Lasar), not in the least.  It rained the entire 8 hours that it took me to drive there, set up my spot, sell my jewelry (or try to) and pack up and drive home.  Thankfully I was sharing my 10x10 tent with Nan of Curviosity Designs and we had a blast.  I'll tell you more about Nan later this week in my Artist Feature.
Foot traffic was slow and I give people credit for coming out at all.  Most passersby said 'hi', some looked at us like 'why on earth are you still here?', but we kept laughing and carried on.  It was nice to meet some of my fellow San Francisco Etsy Team members at the fair, and to run into some members who I met at last year's fair.  By 3:00pm though we had really had enough of the freezing cold and non-stop rain.  My shoes and socks were soaked through and I was worried the canopy tent was going to blow away, as two of my earring displays had done.  We packed up and headed home.
The way most of us crafters and artists go into these situations is to have high hopes and low expectations. So miserable weather and poor sales aside, it was a great day, spent with talented people sharing their passion for handmade.  I'll be back next year!


  1. Sorry the weather was so rotten for you. The people who go to these fairs in this weather are actually the serious buyers, so I hope you made some sales!

    Great post - I love following your work!

  2. Sorry about the bad weather. Sounds like you had a great time anyway. :) It is always enjoyable when you are surrounded by others passionate about their creations!